Slacker Zombies

Last of the Living

A pass-it-along virus has turned the world’s population into zombies. Oh, sure – there are a few non-zombies left, but not enough worth counting, three of which are slacker dudes unaffected by the virus and catastrophic event. They laze around on the couch, watching DVDs, playing video games, raiding the grocery store, and contemplate hooking up with any zombie girl that doesn’t look too rotted. Life is good.

Last of the Living

Out searching for a new place to live (they change houses as often as they don’t change their underwear), slackers Morgan, Johnny and Ash stumble across a hot chick and her dad in a church besieged by zombies. Turns out both are scientists and hold the potential key to turning everyone back into humans.

Last of the Living

Dad gets taken by the undead and the guys and the girl barely get out alive. That doesn’t stop them from hitting on her. But she doesn’t have time for bad pick-up lines – she needs to get a zombie blood sample to the lab for processing, then fly it to a nearby island (she’s also a pilot) where other scientists are working on a cure.

Last of the Living

Yep, the science facility is overrun by zombies, some of which are kids who can’t seem to keep a straight face. Plenty of slob humor connects the dots between the lab and the airport. Oops – the chick takes a zombie bite along the way and has about an hour before she turns. The flight is 40-minutes. The airport is 10 minutes away. You do the math.

Last of the Living

All of this is boneheaded fun and occasionally gory (a few skulls sliced open like organic squash), with a few touching moments thrown in as well. (The fart scene in the air vent will bring a tear to one of your eyes.)

Last of the Living

You can pretty much guess what happens when the plane has wheels up. It wouldn’t be very gratifying if you didn’t. The ending, though, isn’t. If I told you what it was, you probably wouldn’t watch Last of the Living (2008). But you should because it’s funny and fun. Just not the ending.

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