The Devil on Speed Dial

Dial D For Demons

A young Japanese woman commits suicide by breathing in toxic fumes from a charcoal burner. It is not stated if she ate the hamburger that was being cooked on it first, though. Had that been me, I totally would’ve eaten it.

Dial D For Demons

So a group of vacationing young people (one of whom can see the dead for some reason) go to the same resort where this happened, only to find charcoal burners in all their rooms. They shouldn’t freak out too much, because it’s not like it’s an over-priced mini-bar. What they should freak out about, however, is their beepers and cell phones ringing with a text message and/or voice from beyond telling each of them the exact day and time of their death.

Dial D For Demons

Soon each of them are found burnt to death by a device that uses some sort of charcoal as fuel. Clearly, this is the work of a Charcoal Demon. Time to check the hell outta there. But all roads out lead right back to the damned (albeit) four-star lodge. The last girl left unbroiled teams up with the freshly-grilled spirit of her boyfriend to figure out how to kick the demon’s ash. Hello – am I the only one who thought of throwing water on it?

Dial D For Demons

Some demon-yelling and ghost people walking around as if they had nothing better to do. If you think the plot of Dial D For Demons (1999) outline sounds familiar, it is if you’ve watched The Ring (2002). The only ring that’s scarier is the one around my bathtub.

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