S&M Horror

The Whip and the Body

Kurt Menliff, a sadistic 19th Century aristocrat, returns home to his dying father’s seaside castle that boasts no central heating. Nobody likes this douche because he’s mean, cruel and anti-social. (I, however, like him for those very same reasons.)

The Whip and the Body

Kurt soon encounters the very smolderingly hot Dahlia and tries to go for the power smooch, but that ain’t turning her crank. So then he horsewhips her (which does turn her crank) and then has sex with her while the camera points at a horse.

The Whip and the Body

Later that night Kurt is perforated with a fireplace poker. Now what will they the fire with? They entomb his poker’d body in the family mausoleum downstairs. All is well for a minute – until Dahlia wakes to discover Kurt has come back for her. Kurt: “I have come back for you.” She says she hates him, he whips her and now she’s in utter ecstasy. But how can Kurt return from the grave? Who cares as this guy is tapping into Dahlia’s inner freak.

The Whip and the Body

The Whip and the Body (1963) was praised for its rich colors (the blood looks double bloody) and the subject matter groundbreakingly shocking for its day. But 50 plus years later horsewhipping is so common as to be featured daily on the Nickelodeon Channel, so its impact has been diluted to the point of “Yeah, so what else you got?”

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