Alien Sex Fiend


Who says chick aliens can’t be blonde supermodels with lacy bras and out-of-this-world panties? Grown under strict lab conditions like the sea monkeys we paid $2.99 for from a comic book ad (but never received), Sil is an alien life-form about to be gassed in her glass-y test tube apartment.


She doesn’t like gas and manages to break out and run away where three things grow at an accelerated rate: her left boob, her right boob and her need to breed. I would like to meet this alien life-form for, um, scientific purposes, because I’m casually interested in space stuff.

SpeciesSil easily attracts men to have sex with her because she’s so hot and because she’s naked, the two basic components of life itself. The scientists, though, need to track her down before she morphs into Miss Mars Attacks and kills everyone.


Fortunately for ME, Sil mates a couple of times and manages to evade those that hunt her down, eventually transforming into her true self. And what a cool true self alien she is, what with her internal organs easily viewable through her transparent cartilage that is her outer skin stuff.


Sil’s rampant horniness makes sense when she finally gives birth to a freakish lunar rug rat. All of this is pretty neat, but the part where Sil walks around without earth clothes emphasizes quantum physics as it applies to the ever-expanding universe. In order for a science fiction movie like Species (1995) to be believable, you kinda gotta have that.

2 Responses to “Alien Sex Fiend”

  1. Hey there. First of all, words can’t express how much I love your blog *0* I have it bookmarked and check it daily (or weekly to have a treat of tons of posts, which is a guilty pleasure). Everything about it fits perfectly with the theme and your posts have the right balance of pictures and fun to read text.
    About Species, I was kind of disappointed with it 😛 I think I expected Predator with a girl alien. I saw it before reading this post so I thought it would begin with an alien spaceship landing mysteriously, and that you wouldn’t get to see much about the alien until further into the movie. But on the other hand the movie follows her too closely from the beginning which kinda ruined it for me, and her “whats my purpose in life” moment was awkward. Still, all the scenes where she goes out and tries to get guys, and when she turns into her true alien form are excellent.
    Did you like any of the sequels? I haven’t seen them obs, there’s like 3 more apparently x_x

    • Thanks for following this goofy blog ‘o mine – clearly I’m obsessed enough with craptacular movies to share them 🙂

      The first Species, faults and all, was the best of the three, though Species II had its moments. Worth watching? Maybe on fast foward 😉

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