Destroy Frankenstein? That’s Just Crazy Talk

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

Last time we saw Frankenstein (the British version) in The Curse of Frankenstein (1957), the good doc was being led to the chopping block for crimes against humanity (killing people, bringing people back to life).

In Revenge of Frankenstein (1958), he had escaped the guillotine with the help of a dwarf. (I know, right?) He stayed the course through The Evil of Frankenstein (1964) and Frankenstein Created Woman (1967) to end up here in Frankenstein Must be Destroyed (1969), back in action in a new town, conducting business as usual: cutting off heads, scooping out brains. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

Frankenstein, whose secret lab was breached by a drunk (wasn’t me this time), moves into a boarding house and discovers the supermodel running the place and her boyfriend (a doctor at an insane asylum) are selling drugs (cocaine) to help pay for her mom’s medical bills (expensive).

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

Blackmailing them, Frankenstein sets up a new lab in the boarding house basement and uses the shamed doctor into helping him take Frankenstein’s former partner out of the asylum (going Nut Bag City due to lack of oxygen to the brain), so he can hacksaw the head open and transfer it into a new head/body and mercifully save him.

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

Successful with all of the above, Frankenstein performs a 45-second operation to release the pressure in his buddy’s brain that was causing all the radio ga ga. Here’s where I’m confused. Why did he have to take the brain in the first place? All he did post brain swap was jam a match-sterilzed knitting needle through the skull to let the hot air out of the bag. Heck, I could’ve done that.

The cops, having been close to re-capturing Frankenstein yet again, are hot on his brain-tradin’ ass. Escaping with his now fully functioning friend and Mr. & Mrs. Blackmail, everyone bolts for a hideout in the country.

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

Alas, all good plans must go to hell in a Coach™ handbag. Professor Richter, thinking clearly, decides Frankenstein is a douche bag, and fights with him inside a house engulfed with flames. As always, Frankenstein’s good intentions go up in smoke. As does he. No doubt we’ll see him back in biz, as Frankenstein has a way of bringing things back to life.

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

Other than that, Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed has a splish splashing of blood, no graphic medical procedures or bare boobies, and a lot of medical science fact thrown out the window in order to convey the horror that is playing God.

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