Dreaming in Sci-Fi


Twenty-something/good time boy Alex would rather use his pseudo telekinetic powers to bet on horses at the race track than to help humanity. ME, TOO.

After local thugs catch wind of Alex’s remarkable winning streak, they want a piece of his brain action in trade for not making him bleed through newly added holes. So Alex needs to hide out for a while and agrees to let Dr. Novotny – who runs a sleep disorder clinic – experiment with Alex’s “gift.”


This part is cool: A patient with severe nightmares is induced to sleep. With the help of attached wires and electric thingies, Alex is able to enter the dreams of the patient to find out what the freakin’ problem is. For one kid, it’s a monster. For another man it’s fear that his wife is cheating on him. (For me it’s a cocktail lounge with free booze – and locked doors.)


As the sleep clinic is a government-funded deal, the President’s top aide finds out about Alex’s ability and needs to use him to help the President, whose been having horrendous nuclear nightmares about the world being blown up due to pushing The Button.

But the aide has other plans – he’s trained a psycho killer with the same abilities as Alex to enter the dreams of our leader in chief and kill the plagued prez in his sleep (what happens in the dreamworld doesn’t necessarily stay in dreamworld). It’s the ultimate assassination, leaving no proof whatsoever.


Alex has to get in the sleep head of the President and face off with the killer. Where this gets really fun is while in dream world you can change into anything, like a giant snake, for instance. (I’d change into a gun and shoot teeth bullets out of my mouth.)


Dreamscape has a neato plot for a 1984 movie, with some great dream sequences, like when Alex goes into the sleep mode of the above-average hot Dr. Jane DeVries (Kate Capshaw) and attempts to make squishy love with her. Jane’s tight sweater alone is one of the movie’s better special effects.

4 Responses to “Dreaming in Sci-Fi”

  1. Hello!
    First, thank you for your web site!
    It´s really great to find all this classic stuff in here which I almost forget xD

    Othervise, PLEEEEEASE, can you help me to find some movies I search for sooo long….
    First movie is about human like alien who came to Earth and durring the fight against giant insect in spaceship who looks like some white ball, he lose his head from the sholder. He cam survive only if he find replacement for his head, So, he walking on streets of NY killing people and colecting their heads. The name of the movie is something like: Colector of human heads, and theres white guy head with suny glass on the cover. Can you help me? :/

  2. Scott Gilardi Says:

    I forgot about this movie and was a lil’ elated to be reminded about it. Hopefully my local video store still has it so I can get nostalgic

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