Wife Beating Ghost

100 Feet

After getting out of jail for killing her cop husband (who was also a professional wife beater), Marnie is put on house arrest in the same NY brownstone killing pad with blood still on the walls. Handcuffed to her ankle is one of those electronic tracking devices that beeps like a smoke detector when you light a cigarette or go outside its 100-foot range. This makes it tough to get away from the ghost of her husband who keeps showing up to get his revenge on her for her getting revenge on him.

100 Feet

The visitations are standard ghost stuff with little innovation. (Note to dead guy: why rattle the silverware when you can use your powers to stick ’em into things like walls and people?) Shanks, her ex-husband’s cop partner, has it out for Marnie. One step outside the beep zone and she’s back in jail for 10 more years. So he sits in his car outside her house and stares. Good use of taxpayer money.

100 Feet

When he checks in on Marnie and discovers her face bruised, he uses years of detective work to conclude someone else killed her husband to death and she can’t say who without herself getting killed, also to death. Shanks thinks it’s the handsome sexy grocery delivery guy with a criminal record. Yeah, not so much.

100 Feet

While handsome sexy grocery delivery guy with a criminal record is having sexual relations with the house arrest hottie, the ghost husband shows up, looking like a paint smear than an actual ghost. Seeing his wife doing it with someone not him makes him head-butt the kid in the face over and over, the boy’s blood splattering to show the outline of Mr. Invisible. I felt that was kinda neat.

100 Feet

By the time Shanks does show up (and has a body drop on him from the ceiling, which I felt was momentarily humorous, he discovers Marnie was telling him the truth about her ghost ex.

100 Feet

100 Feet’s (2008) story? Kinda interesting. The ghost action? Meh. The handsome sexy grocery delivery guy face-smashing? Nice. The ending? Feh. And I whole-heartedly stand by that.

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