A Meatier Meteor

Deep Impact

A seven mile-wide comet is headed towards earth and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. This is what’s referred to as an E.L.E. – Extinction-Level Event. Sucks to be from Earth.

Deep Impact

The Russians – way ahead of us for once – had been secretly building a rock blocker spaceship called Messiah. The plan is to fly out to meet the comet, plant 100 nuclear warheads on it, light fuse, and get the heck behind the Moon when it blows. Good plan Russia – now there are TWO comets headed towards your house.

Deep Impact

Ignore all the sub-dramas and characters as all you came to this party for was to see the comets smash into Earth like God’s pinballs.

Deep Impact

Deep Impact (1998) is full of cool destruction, giant waves, crying, screaming, running. They could’ve easily put all the good stuff inside of 10 minutes, which would make it a whole lot more fun to watch and re-watch Earth being destroyed. That’s the dream, anyway.

2 Responses to “A Meatier Meteor”

  1. Deep impact was a End-O-World movie. Better Effects than “When Worlds Collide.” Kind of like George Pal with CGI.
    Gotta agree–there were too many plots getting in the way of the story.

    Speaking of the end of the world: Toho has decided to make another Godzilla movie!

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