Skin Sandwich

I Eat Your Skin

I Eat Your Skin (1964). A perfect movie title, no matter horror, educational or porn. It was also released as Zombie. Meh. That said, no one eats anyone’s skin, which I feel is misleading and downright cruel.

I Eat Your Skin

Tom Harris, a womanizing fiction adventure writer, for some reason, goes to an island filled with voodoo stuff. Maybe he’s gonna write about the zombies there that don’t eat your skin. They have sunny-side up egg eyes, though. I think eggs are edible.

I Eat Your Skin

An American scientist is on the island, trying to find a cure for egg eyes…uh, cancer, and discovers that a certain snake venom is causing everyone to zombie up. But someone else forces the doctor to create an army of egg zombies to do illegal stuff.

I Eat Your Skin

Tom has to intervene and get everyone off the island without getting egg on his face. He only succeeds at one of those things.

3 Responses to “Skin Sandwich”

  1. Back in college, my room mates and I hosted a little party. A cheap beer, hot chili and B movie film festival. Our triple feature: I eat Your Skin, I Drink Your Blood, and I Dismember Mama.
    A good time was had by all.

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