Refrigerated Zombies


Extinction, YET ANOTHER zombie movie, is releasing summer of 2015 and hopes to cash in, uh, cast the undead in a new light. Specifically, by halting the rotting process, thereby keeping the living corpses as fresh as a flesh-eating popsicle.

And how do they do this? By ending the world with a catastrophic ice age. Many die, few don’t. Those that freeze their buns off become zombies (referred to as the “infected”) and are kept in people-devouring form due to the refrigerated climate. Survivors now have to deal with staying warm long enough to be eaten as a human hot plate for the zombies.


This sets up a paradox – with no need for a refrigerator, beer can be kept outside and thus chilled to perfection. However, zombies are outside and will chew you out for any attempt to retrieve said beer. I’m thinkin’ it’s worth the risk.

P.S. Extinction should not be confused with the same named following…


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