Stinky Horror That Doesn’t Stink


Heading out into the desert to attend a rave (where ALL raves belong), a car load of college kids find themselves stranded out in the middle of nowhere, with a small diner, gas station and motel the only thing around for, I’m guessing, 712 miles. Where did the people go? Why does every bible in the motel have scrawled warnings on every page? Why doesn’t the TV get good reception even though it has cable?


Thinking a drug dealer is after him for stealing designer pills that will get him high at the rave (the ONLY way to stand rave music), one guy stands guard that night while the others go do what college kids do when they’re not studying. He hears a noise in a dumpster and opens it to find a bloodied man with half a body. He helps it out and it talks to him and crawls away.


Another chick attends an outhouse and smells something really stinky. What she doesn’t know that this isn’t Texas perfume, but the preface for a mysterious man creature cloaked in a ragged black Old Navy™ trench coat with a host of electric power tools used for cutting humans, chopping humans, drilling humans and killing humans.


She gets sucked down into the bowels of the outhouse (ick) and the rest are hunted by this Reeker fellow. So the plan is when they smell something really smelly – run! One of the students is blind and has a heightened sense of smell, so bonus. This thing really hits the gas (sorry) when The Reeker and the last two remaining kids meet face to skull. At this point you could say, yeah, what ev. But a clever swerve near the end takes this one to a whole new level.

You’ll come to the same conclusion, but I’ll say it for you: Reeker (2005) doesn’t stink. Heh.

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