Reincarnation – Been There, Done That


For reasons known only to the movie producers, a college professor – on vacation with his wife and two kids – stays at a hotel with fresh towels and ends up murdering his family, some of the guests, the concierge, the bellhop and himself. Yeah, I thought of The Shining (1980), too. But since this is a Japanese horror film and it jumps around like a frog on trampoline lily pads, you don’t really know what the heck is going on.


A young movie actress gets the role in a movie being made about the motel massacre. She starts seeing mind flashes of the slaughtered victims and it freaks her out. (I see stuff like that, too, but chalk it up to binge drinking.)


Toward the end of this really s-l-o-w moving flick, the dead come back to life and shuffle around and bleed on the floor. How thoughtless. Nobody can see any of this except the acting chick, who eventually goes mad and gets thrown in a loony bin. Now her worse problem is whether or not she can find shoes to match her straightjacket. The one bright spot is a demon dolly that talks and makes a really cool evil face.


Ultimately, Reincarnation (2005) is a yawner by any standard. And that’s saying a lot because my standards are remarkably low.

One Response to “Reincarnation – Been There, Done That”

  1. David H Says:

    The title contains random capitol and lower case letters which apparently mean nothing. RICANTO enrain: Nope no hidden messages there. Looks as if the scariest part is the doll with the bad case of conjunctivitis–that pink-eye really can be painful.

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