True Alien Abduction

Fire in the SkyOn the evening of November 5, 1975 in the White Mountains of Arizona, a bunch of logger dudes in a truck were coming back from work when they noticed an unusual light coming out of a flying saucer in the sky.

Getting out to investigate/show off, Travis Walton – one of the logger dudes – was zapped unconscious by the light and seconds later slowly sucked up into the very light that made him wish (if he was conscious) that he had sunglasses or a stylish blindfold of some sort.

Fire in the SkyThis goons out the rest of the men and they took off, more than likely going over the speed limit in their haste to not help their friend. The cops think they killed their buddy and hid his body up in the woods. The men insist it was a UFO that took Travis. The media turns the small logging town into an international freak show, resulting in all the men being tried for murder.

Five days later, Travis shows up (naked and gooned out) with no recollection of where he was all that time in the sky. The prosecuting attorney is pissed because now he won’t to get to show off his legal skills in a national forum. And Travis has no idea what happened to his pants. (Hello – they were abducted.)

Fire in the SkyTravis seems more than a little mentally in the toilet when he turns up, and more so as his memory starts coming back in snippets, especially the part about being probed in the you-know-where area. (What is it about our b-holes that aliens find so fascinating other than the songs it sings?)

Fire in the SkyFire in the Sky (1993) is based on a TRUE event wherein Travis was butt-napped by extraterrestrials. He even wrote a book about it. His “inside the UFO” flashbacks, though, aren’t nearly as interesting as the way the media and their friends treat the men, all of whom think they made the whole thing up. I believe you, guys. Travis – not so much, buddy.

2 Responses to “True Alien Abduction”

  1. and that was such a crap movie! might make a good drinking game movie?

    next time, watch Life Force. with Patrick Stewart and the naked vampire.

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