Ghost in the Invisible Bikini

Ghost in the Invisible BikiniGhost in the Invisible Bikini (1966). I can think of at least one thing wrong with this movie’s title. I had hoped to see some spooky booty, but had to settle for a full-clothed spirit. (Bikinis back in those days looked like designer potato sacks compared to today’s preferred dental floss.)

Ghost in the Invisible BikiniThis well intentioned flick certainly had all the right ingredients: lots of dancing chicks in non-regulation swimwear, clean-shaven ’60s rock ’n roll, a gorilla… But if you’re gonna advertise an invisible bikini, then you damn well better show one. False advertising sucks.

Ghost in the Invisible BikiniOh yeah, the plot: the abundantly rich Hiram Stokley is dead, but he can’t get to Heaven until he does a good deed without getting out of his coffin. So he gets his equally dead girlfriend, Cecily (wearing the so-called “invisible bikini”), to stop J. Sinister Hulk (awesome name) and his greedy ass lawyer, Reginald Ripper (awesome lawyer name) from claiming Hiram’s mansion estate for themselves.

Ghost in the Invisible Bikini

One of those quickie teen “horror” movies of its day, Ghost In The Invisible Bikini (original working title: Ghost in the Glass Bikini) is corny, silly and fun with lots of bathing suits, rock ’n roll and a gorilla. Look at it this way – this was the kind of stuff your parents watched at the drive-in while they were making YOU.

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