Minimalist Horror, Economic Sci-Fi

BrickhutIf you’re gonna call yourself Brickhut, you better be really good at one of two things: a bar fight over a botched game of “Go Fish,” or a graphic designer with a wicked eye for minimalist impact. Brickhut is indeed really good at one of those. Hint: He doesn’t play “Go Fish” in bars.

BrickhutBrickhut, who describes himself as “designer. watcher. eater. drinker.,” has released a series of movie poster minimalist designs, geniusly (yes, that’s a word) reinterpreting everything from Aliens (1986) and Dawn of the Dead (1978), to War of the Worlds (2005) and Close Encounters (1977). He even did Jaws (1975). And he did that one using fish gut leakings instead of paint. OK, not really.

Brickhut There’s more of Brickhut’s work on the flippin’ cool or his cool blog [click HERE], where you’ll see even more killer stripped down impressions of horror and sci-fi movies like Ghostbusters (1984; you thought it was a ghost comedy, but it’s really torture porn), The Birds (1963; feathered, winged, bipedal, endothermic, egg-laying, vertebrate gangstas), and Star Wars (1977; a soap opera with face disintegrators).

There’s lots more I’d report on, but I’m far too busy learning how to lose gracefully at “Go Fish” with some bikers without resorting to pool cue head-bashing and cruel name-calling.


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