Korean Ghosts Spice Up Your Life

White: The Curse of the MelodyIt’s like Ringu (1998), but with dance moves. White: The Curse of the Melody, a Korean horror movie (or “film”) recently released in Korea Land, deals with an all-girl pop group called Pink Dolls who find an old videotape (whatever that is) of a music video. Thankfully for us, it has a curse on it. Once the band plays it, they become haunted in half. I wonder if this has ever happened to the Spice Girls? I really, really hope not.

White: The Curse of the MelodyAs the band tries super duper hard to get people to notice them (might I suggest performing without top?), the girls hook up with an agency. In the office of that talent representative (I could’ve said agency again, but that would’ve been redundant) Eun-ju, the rapper of the band, finds the cursed video. The band decides to re-do the song and call it “White.” (Boring – they should’ve called it “Ghosts Rip My Neck.”) Not surprisingly, the song becomes a hit…and that’s when the hauntings ramp up because someone didn’t give the poltergeists songwriting credits or royalties.

White: Curse of the MelodyIn all, White: The Curse of the Melody, seems a bit on the horror lite side. I should probably shut the hell up until I see it, though. Afterwards I could say something like, “Needed more die, kill, bleed and less Revlon™.” Anything to (wait for it) spice up your life. Ahem.

Spice Ghosts

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