Romanian Vampires

StrogoiIn Romania, “Strigoi” are troubled souls of the dead rising from the grave. In America, we call that a 9-to-5 job. Some cool traits of the Strigoi is the ability to change into an animal (raccoon, penguin, poisonous squirrel with red eyes), and the knack for draining victims of their blood. In other words, vampires.

Strigoi is a new comedy horror film headed this-a-way on August 2, 2011. The film’s website claims that Strigoi is a vampire movie that defies categorization. (Hey, ding dongs – you just categorized it by referring to it as a vampire movie.)

A 20-something dude who calls himself Vlad has to move back to his grandfather’s farm in an old Romanian village. Said farm has hot and cold running chickens, a four-legged assortment of soon-to-be-lunch meats and a rotary phone. On the cusp of the future, this village.

Once there Vlad is tossed face first into a murder mystery. (Too bad it wasn’t cow flop, as that would be quite amusing.) A quest to find the truth leads Vlad to Tirescus, the richest/meanest landowners in town. Every Eastern European village has at least one of those. But what Vlad discovers is that Mr. and Mrs. Tirescus are vampires. If I was a vampire I’d probably wanna hang out in places where you could walk around without getting cow flop on your shoes. But hey, when in Romania…

StrogoiIf the outline doesn’t sell you, check out some of the advance press. “Forget cheap shocks and teen sex. This is a serious and seriously black comedy” – Now Magazine. “A true work of art that breathes new, intelligent life into the vampire genre” – Pop Journalism. “Witty and unpredictable – [Strigoi] will impress fans” – Variety.

Cool, I suppose. Though I will miss the cheap shocks and teen sex.

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