Tasmanian Devil – The New Werewolf

Tasmanian DevilsThe name Tasmanian Devil is so bad ass, you should think about getting your name legally changed to it. Sure, your first introduction to the Tasmanian Devil was via the Looney Tunes™ cartoon character voiced by Mel Blanc from 1954-1989. But better Tasmanian Devil than Foghorn Leghorn or Hippety Hopper (though that one could be co-opted by a rapper).

In what may very well be a first crack at headlining a horror movie, Tasmanian Devils, a SyFy™ original, looks to shake off the T–Devil’s goofy yet highly entertaining cartoon legacy and pump up the body count. Here’s how the balls of fur and teeth make their debut:

“Five daredevil friends break the rules and BASE jump into a remote area of Tasmania – where another group of devils is waiting for them when they land. When Park Rangers arrive to arrest the BASE jumpers for disturbing a pristine, ecological haven, they don’t believe their stories about the monsters they have uncovered. But before they know it, the jumpers and the rangers are in the fight of their lives. Can they stay one step ahead of a clever enemy with lightning speed or will they all be ripped apart by poisonous teeth and claws?”

They had me at poisonous teeth and claws.

Tasmanian Devil

The cartoon Tasmanian Devil was a short-tempered little douche bag that spun around so fast he looked like a mini tornado. He also ate anything in its path, from other cartoon characters (often edited out) to raw garbage.

The real Tasmanian Devil is a carnivorous marsupial, eating everything in its path, from Australian tourists to BASE jumpers. According to Wikipedia™, the little f*cker’s large head and neck allow it to generate the strongest bite per unit body mass of any living mammal. Not buying it. I’d like to see the Tasmanian Devil and Jaws lock up in a hot dog eating contest. (My money’s on the Big Guy.) The real Tasmanian Devil probably doesn’t spin fast enough to look like a tornado, though.

Tasmanian Devils comes out whenever. I’d do a little more research, but I’m starving. Gotta go find me a tourist burger or some tasty raw garbage to snack on.

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