Haunted – The Way A Home Should Be

Haunted 3DYou’d think having a haunted house would be one of those cool amenities that would drive a better Zillow™ rating when selling your home. At the very least, having a ghost all up in your attic would preclude you having to entice prospective buyers by mowing the lawn, painting or doing any exorcising.

In Haunted 3D (India’s first stereoscopic 3D film), Glen Manor, a haunted mansion conveniently located in the mountains of Koti, is up for sale. (I don’t know where the mountains of Koti are.) The manor’s secret past is why the thing is being ghosted in the present. What ev. But the 40 room joint does have a separate garage and a finished basement. Sweet!

Some guy named Rehan has to complete the sale in spite of the mysterious occurrences that keep scaring away potential buyers. The source of said mysterious occurrences is a ghost chick — and a hot one at that. So much so, Rehan (man, that’s a weird name), gets a screamin’ boner for this screamin’ skirt. He doesn’t care that she’s dead as that means she can’t get knocked up. Talk about the ultimate protection.

Haunted 3DSo if you’re in the market for a haunted house and don’t mind the occasional mysterious occurrence, now might be the best time to own Glen Manor. And it doesn’t hurt that current mortgage loan rates are low. As for the ghost, you’ll just have to sub-lease until she runs to the light. Or moves in with Rehan.

Thanks goes out to bloody-disgusting.com for the real estate advice.

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