Friday the 13th: Killer Clothes

Friday the 13thA machete through the face. A harpoon turning you and your third base date into a human shish-kabob. A mummified decapitated head on a fine china dinner plate. Lovely scented candles arranged in an eye-pleasing manner. These, of course, are the iconic images from Friday the 13th made into a T-shirt screen print. And really, who wouldn’t want a mummified decapitated head on a dinner plate as a fashion choice?

Friday the 13thOn May 1st, 2011, you can get one of these “goes with anything” Friday the 13th Part 2 30th Anniversary Edition shirt. It’ll cost you $39.95. But before that amount causes you to gouge your eye out with an arrow and/or butter knife (tell me you got the reference), here’s what else you get besides the 10-color shirt: a full-color 11 x 17 mini-poster printed on 80# glossy stock, which comes in a collectible box. Even more: vintage memorabilia from 1981 (stills, lobby cards, etc) will be randomly inserted into some orders. You’re drooling, aren’t you? Snap out of it, as you’ll need to be on your game to get one of these packages, which are limited to 200 pieces. This is good and bad. Good because you don’t wanna see just anyone wearing this shirt. Bad because someone else feels the same way about you.

Friday the 13thYou can order the shirt from Creepy Tees by clicking HERE. (Plan on spending at least a jillion – they have a ton of horror movie T-shirts, all of which you pretty much have to have.

I know you’re not supposed to wear T-shirts tucked in with a belt for fear of public scorn and ridicule, but how about a nice pair of Earth shoes and some corduroy pants to really make a bold fashion statement?

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