Notzilla: Seems Oddly Familiar

Notzilla“1964 – A strange red egg, shaken loose by atomic testing, hatches Notzilla, an immense, fire-breathing dinosaur with a penchant for beer. Only brilliant, young American scientist Dr. Dick Harvard, can stop him with his atomic molecule blaster. But then things go awry. Meanwhile, Notzilla is partying hard.”

OK, who the hell made a movie about me?

NotzillaNotzilla isn’t actually a movie, but rather an enjoyable faux trailer that spoofs you know who. (Don’t say Dracula, you bonehead.) Made by Moriah Media in Cinncinnati, home of killer tartar sauce (bet you didn’t think you’d learn anything new today), Notzilla is really a sales pitch to potential investors to get the happy thing turned into a full-fledged moving picture show. Click HERE to see it.

I’d donate, but I feel like I’ve been living this movie for the past 25 years. They can use my likeness, though. There are a TON of drunk and disorderly photos of me all over the Internet. (See photo below of me being 86’d from yet another booze cruise.)

P.S. Notzilla sketch courtesy of

Party Monster

One Response to “Notzilla: Seems Oddly Familiar”

  1. You probably already know, but this finally got made! It just came out on streaming and DVD.

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