Zombie Baseball Cards

Zombie Baseball CardsZombie baseball cards. Why didn’t I think of that? Probably because I feel that pro wrestling is the ONLY sport that matters, and that stuff like football, baseball and hacky sack don’t qualify, if anything because opposing teams don’t bash each other in the face with folding metal chairs. How can you call it a sport if there are no folding metal chairs?

Zombie Baseball CardsJeremy Scheuch, the artist behind the zombie baseball cards, probably never had anyone smash his face in with a folding metal chair. That’s probably a good thing. Jeremy, who lives and works in Chicago, refers to his art as “pseudo-religious pop-political crap & zombies.” Right outta the gate, one in the win column. His bio says that he “loves unicorns, kittens, dolphins, rainbows, dinosaurs, Jesus and America.” Anybody who loves Jesus and dinosaurs in the same sentence is #1 in my book.

Check out more of Jeremy’s sporting zombies and piles of his other fantastic illustrations by clicking HERE.

And may Jesus bless you, a dinosaur never step on you, a zombie never bites you, and a folding metal chair never caves in your face during a one fall, no-holds barred elimination PPV match.

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