Color Coordinated Monsters

Lou RamanoCalifornia artist Lou Ramano should work for Maybelline™ or Revlon™ because he’s got a knack for taking something ugly and making it beautiful. Example: Lou’s acrylic paint interpretations of 1987’s Monster Squad of Frankenstein’s Monster, Wolf Man, Mummy, Dracula and that “smells like fish ‘n chips” fellow, Creature (from the Black Lagoon™).

Lou Ramano

Part kitschy, part pop art and all talent, Lou’s eye for finding his subject’s inner beauty makes him an artist worth stalking on the internet. Check out more of his work on his blog by clicking HERE

So if you’re a reverse Dorian Gray and butt-ugly, but would still like a painted portrait of yourself, contact Lou and see if he’ll take on a commission piece. You could be immortalized right up there with the rotting undead but with bright and cheery colors.

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