Beyond Apollo – Lost In Space

Beyond ApolloTheories abound as to what happened to the missing captain of an in-flight two-man space capsule. Yep, he was in there a minute ago. That much was confirmed by the other astronaut. So when the rescue team zoomed out to, uh, rescue them, they brought two extra sandwiches, but only needed one. The big question remains: what did they do with the other sandwich?

Delicious lunar snacks notwithstanding, this is the premise of Beyond Apollo, a sci-fi space mystery due to land in theaters some time in the year 2012.

Beyond ApolloSo did the captain step outside to take a leak and get left behind? Did the other astronaut freak out and eat his captain when it was discovered there were no more space sandwiches left? Did aliens need a new butt to probe? Venus commuter Harry Evans is returned to Earth (sounds like a stupid name for a planet) and has to answer to his bosses as to WTF happened to Capt. No More. As Beyond Apollo’s website teases, “The truth, as Evans will eventually discover, is far more terrifying than anything he could possibly imagine.”

Beyond Apollo

The pitch line goes on to say that “Beyond Apollo captures the eerie isolation of delving into the unknown, begs us to ask the unanswerable, and marks the separation between the real, unreal and surreal.”

Beyond Apollo

I’ll tell you what’s real, unreal and surreal – the fact that ANY mission, to Venus or some other stink planet, would not pack enough sandwiches for a round trip. That just seems so mind-bending.

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