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Pull My Sixth Finger

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The Legend of Six Fingers

Either Bigfoot has a cousin with only six fingers – a result of unchecked in-breeding – or there’s a new species of cryptid that makes boom boom in the woods.

The Legend of Six Fingers

Enter Six Fingers, a bipedal creature so named as it has three claws on each hand. And because such a monster screams to be the star of an indie horror movie and/or t-shirt, you’ll no doubt become pregnant with excitement for The Legend of Six Fingers, arriving June 24, 2014.

The Legend of Six Fingers

Here’s the facts as the internet knows ’em: “Two filmmakers, Neil and Andrew, set out to make a documentary about a rash of domestic animal slaughters. After interviewing several local residents, the filmmakers learn about the Native American legend of Ya Yahk Osnuhsa (Six Fingers). Believing Six Fingers is responsible for the slayings, they embark on a terrifying journey to learn the truth.”

The Outer Limits: The Sixth Finger

Because I know these things, there was a multi-digit creature decades before Ya Yahk Osnuhsa. I’m referring, of course, to The Sixth Finger, an evolutionary accelerated man-creature in a 1963 episode of The Outer Limits. This guy was created in a Pine-Sol™ freshened lab. Six Fingers was born of the stink forest. Six guesses as to who makes boom boom in the woods.