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Icy Horror, Chilling Ghosts, Cold Demons

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Want a real life/real time horror story? A Yahoo!.com science article published on Thursday, July 13, 2017 stated that unchecked climate change will eventually lead to widespread devastation on Earth. To that I say, YEESH! intentionally in all caps.

The jolting article, written by Business Insider’s Kevin Loria, goes on to say, “Rising seas will inundate coastal cities like Miami, searing heat will increase human mortality, and acidic oceans will become inhospitable to fish and coral, leaving behind little but rubbery masses of jellyfish. These consequences of human activity could be the thing that prevents our civilization from advancing much further. In a particularly extreme scenario, it could even wind up wiping us from the face of the Earth.” (They had me at “rubbery masses of jellyfish.”)

This information is timely given that a trillion ton glacier chunk the size of Delaware recently broke off the Antarctica ice shelf (it’s like a cupboard for frozen water), an event horizon that portends mega doom for at least more than a few Emperor penguins and/or whale-eating polar bears. And all this time I presumed aliens would zap our sorry asses, suck up all the valuables (gas, alcohol, bit coins, frozen burritos) and head back to Mars for a kick ass party.


Earth-ending weather-gone-wild horror movies are nothing new (the most recent upcoming  being Geostorm/2017), but to have it all come to real life is a whole different box office.

Speaking of, here are a few upcoming horror/sci-fi movies we may or may not get to see once that huge iceberg smashes into our neighborhoods and precious 7-Elevens™. But hey, at the very least, beer will be the coldest it’s ever been!


PLANETARIUM (August 11, 2017/New York — August 18, 2017/Los Angeles)
“In 1930s France, two sisters who are thought to be able to communicate with ghosts meet a visionary producer while performing in Paris.”

Interesting fun fact: All French people can communicate with ghosts, or “des fantômes.” And yes, it has everything to do with drinking a quart of wine per meal.

Ghost House

GHOST HOUSE (August 25, 2017)
A young couple, Jim and Julie, are vacationing in Thailand where Julie falls in love with photographing small shrines called ‘Ghost Houses’ that are believed to give spirits shelter and comfort. A couple of British travelers take them into the countryside with the promise of showing Jim and Julie a ghost house graveyard where many of the shrines are discarded. After leaving the graveyard with a souvenir, Julie is increasingly plagued by visits from a malevolent spirit that threatens both her sanity and her life. After Julie is literally frozen in a state of terror, Jim must find a way to lift the curse before he loses Julie to the ghost world forever.”

Yeah, you don’t wanna shoplift in graveyards. First, said item(s) are always gonna be marinated in evil. Secondly, you don’t want stealing from the dead on your record. As for the Ghost Houses, rent is oddly steep for those things. I looked ‘em up on You can see pics of inside these houses and it looks like someone lives there — but you never actually see people in the photos. Sounds like ghosts to me.

Exorcism of the Dead

“Candace, a deeply troubled young woman, is possessed by an ambitious demon. Her family has tried every conventional method to heal her, but both medicine and psychology have failed. As a last resort, they reach out for aid from the church, unaware the priest who arrives to deal with the situation has his own dark secrets.”

This premise has been done and overdone more times than I’ve been exorcised (47 and counting. Note to stupid preachers — not possessed, just drunk-ish.) But I take my collar off for the demon’s sticktoitiveness work ethic.

Skin Solo

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The Haunted Drum

Ping, a clothes-worthy young man in the jungles of Thailand, wishes to be a musician. In other words, he wants to be the drummer for Master Duang’s band. Duang owns a mysterious drum called the Peung Mang. (I would’ve called it “drum.”)

The Haunted Drum

The Peung Mang was reputed to have been made from the skin of a hot chick. If you play the drum right, it kicks out the jams. If you don’t, it melts your face off. Meanwhile, an opposing Master wants a battle of the bands to prove, once and for all, who jungle rocks harder.

The Haunted Drum

During the concert, the skin drum melts the face off its player. So much for his solo. The plan is for the other Master (I forget his name) to hire away all of Master Duang’s student musicians. This would result in shame like you haven’t seen since the original Foreigner broke up.

The Haunted Drum

Ping decides to work harder to become a better musician and save Duang’s band. He also falls in love with Tip, who’s…cold as ice. (Sorry.) Ping and Tip are pretty much the Ken and Barbie of Thailand. She teaches him how to properly play the Peung Mang without getting his face melted off. As well she should – the drum was made with her skin and her soul is trapped within the percussive instrument.

The Haunted Drum

When Muan (hey, I just remembered his name!) gets his group together and steals the coveted Peung Mang, you know some serious duang is about to hit the fan. Even so, The Haunted Drum (2007) is a tedious horror story, low scares, but surprisingly decent gore. But don’t get your hopes up, as this is merely a love story with melted faces.

Talk To The Croc

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A yacht-sized saltwater crocodile is eating people who work, live and marinate in the filthy Thailand waterways. That is a complete sentence.

Everybody blames an escapee from Jack McQuade’s Super Fun Crocodile Farm. But the clues – half-eaten human pot pies – are so obvious as to be embarrassing: giant carnivorous turtles! (It’s a theory I’ve been working on since the opening credits.)


Joining the hunt for the people-eater is Hawkins, a grizzled big game hunter, who wants nothing more than a fresh pair of alligator boots. Hard to find the monster, though, as it ends up in back yard swimming pools (don’t dive head first, try cannonballing) and under stylish shacks built out over the river (makes mopping way easier).


The trail of happiness leads to the croc’s cave-y lair, where it has stashed a hot chick everybody’s been looking for. That’s prudent planning – store food instead of eating it all at once. I’ll have to remember that.


The final scene finds Jack with his leg stuck in the crocodile’s mouth. He could get free if only the monster would just chomp a little harder. But there’s a really funny reason it didn’t. And it had nothing to do with the crocodile being made out of rubber and plastic, though that would explain a lot.

Croc (2007) is mildly amusing. Some real blood, some fake blood, some bloody stump sandwiches. Why do movies like this always make me hungry?

Third Eye Blind

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The Eye 3

Bored teenagers read a book that describes ten ways to see ghosts.

One of the methods is to get a cornea transplant. Probably gonna have to pass on that one. Another is to set out empty rice bowls and start tapping ’em with chopsticks, the theory being that the sound will attract hungry ghosts. (Don’t know why they’re famished – being dead must surely kill your appetite.) This method proved to be a nice underwear-stainer for most of ’em. Don’t stop now – there’s eight more ways to void the warranty of your Dockers™.

The Eye 3

Another method – rubbing cemetery dirt on your eyes – yields similar results, except this far into the book, the teens now find themselves cursed. I feel much happiness for them.

The Eye 3

One kid is taken by the ghosts. The only way to rescue him is to go into the Land of the Dead and hand out flyers. There is a catch – once there you can’t be dicking around as time is not your ally in this realm. Stay too long and you kiss your Dockers™ goodbye. Guess what happens? I did and yawned so hard I cracked my jaw.

The Eye 3

Relentlessly typical Asian ghosts with pale faces and long, stringy black hair that all look the same. They must belong to a club or something. The Eye 3 (2005) released logically as The Eye 10 in Japan/Thailand/over there, is so boring and fright-less, eye can’t recommend it. You’ll get more satisfaction out of rubbing your own eyes with grave dirt. It’s actually kinda fun in a weird sort of way.