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Banned Horror

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Recently clicked across’s Top 10 banned movie posters and was bemused by what the censors “protected” us from. I am just so glad someone has my back here. You never know what these “socially disrupting” images would do to my brain. Note to censors: no one needs you, so go to Heck.

The first banned movie poster is the ad sheet for the black horror comedy, Teeth (2007). In that one, Dawn, a virginal young girl discovers she has a second set of teeth growing where a toothbrush normally doesn’t brush. This was news to her until she was forcibly sexed by a classmate and the sudden explosion of terror and anger brought on the clampdown. (The next sound you hear is that of one million guys crossing their legs.)


The banned poster doesn’t even come close to the chomping action, especially when she seduces her selfish punk rock brother who let their mother die while he was doing the bedspring symphony on a gal with really low standards. What happens after this sexy Dentist the Menace does afterward is one of the “holy sh*t” moments that, if you’re a guy, will stick with you for, I don’t know, the rest of your life.

Still, there was something quite familiar with Dawn’s lower smile.  It reminds me of something I once saw on Tatooine

Great Pit of Carkoon