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Going Ape Over Kong, Girls With Crabs, Tattooed Ghosts

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Kong: Skull Island is globally known for making incredibly cool action figures, using characters from Halloween, The Evil Dead and The Exorcist, to Friday The 13th, Dawn of the Dead, It and mucho more. Their latest masterpiece is an 18” tall Kong from Skull Island with, get this — THREE interchangeable heads. This covers a wide range of mood swings.

Kong: Skull Island

Pre-orderable now, the ridiculously neato Kong figure ships between November 2019 – January 2020. While the $250.00 asking price is a bit steep, think of how cool Kong would look standing atop a festive fruit arrangement on your dining room table.

Kong: Skull Island

Before I head out to buy a dining room table, here are a few now available/upcoming horror/sci-fi movies that may or may not be as visually pleasing as a festive fruit arrangement…


CRABGIRL (available now/Amazon Prime™)
“A young virgin guy does not manage to have sex with his beloved long-term girlfriend on his 23rd birthday. By putting an ultimatum on their relationship, he acknowledges the incredible truth beyond her rejection.”

Not really a movies (though it should be), this 19-minute film short came out in the Ukraine 2018. Unless the Internet is lying to me. You’d think this is a cautionary tale and a metaphor for STDs, but the crabgirl has an actual beach crab living in her love grotto. Apparently, since she was a kid. Her boyfriend thinks she’s just making excuses to not have sex with him. What follows next is amusingly predictable. But stick around for the twist ending. It will make you LOL.

Johnny Ghost

JOHNNY GHOST (available now)
Millicent, a professional musician and lecturer, decides to remove her tattoo, only to begin experiencing ghosts from her past.”

Pffft — I’ve removed lots of tattoos and have yet to see one ghost. I don’t care if they are rub-on tats; they still count.


FREAKS (August 23, 2019)
“A disturbed father locks his 7-year-old daughter in a house, warning her of grave dangers outside. But the mysterious Mr. Snowcone convinces the girl to escape and join him on a profound quest for family, freedom, and revenge.”

If some guy named Mr. Snowcone asked me to go come along, I would follow him to the ends of the Earth.


REBORN (2019)
“A stillborn baby girl is abducted by a morgue attendant and brought back to life by electrokinetic power. On her sixteenth birthday, she escapes captivity and sets out to find her birth mother, leaving a trail of destruction behind her.”

Um, would her name happen to be Carrie, by any chance?

King Kong’s Kid

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Son of Kong

Son of Kong (1933) picks up right after King Kong (1933) ends, with more crushable humans heading back to Skull Island, where they meet Kiko, the laid back son of Kong. Kinda flummoxed as to why they didn’t go with Wife of Kong or Kong’s Mom as the first sequel; The offspring of King Kong just explodes my head with more questions.

Son of Kong

Failed filmmaker Carl Denham, who brought King Kong to New York with disastrous results, is about to get sued for trillions of banana skins for the cataclysmic catastrophe caused by his misbehaved monkey. Denham doesn’t have that kind of cash lying around, so he goes back to Skull Island after hearing there was buried treasure just waiting for the scooping.

Son of Kong

Traveling by boat (sea trains were as yet not invented in 1933), some scuffling breaks out and the ships captain boots everyone off his stinky vessel. The five exiles make it to the island where the natives, remembering the crap Denham stirred up during his last vacation there, blame him for the cataclysmic catastrophe caused to their jungle town and want to sue. I tell you, this guy cannot get a break.

Son of Kong

Denham and his expatriates meet “Little Kong” and discover he’s a lot more even tempered than his old man. Some dinosaurs show up, some words were said, a few people get eaten. And Son of K, being the nice guy he strives to be, defends them. That is, until an earthquake, probably caused by caused by Godzilla, sinks the island and all the lawyers on it. Kong, though, sacrifices himself to save Denham, his friends and the treasure. The survivors make it back to the mainland, live large and drink lots of banana margaritas and barely speak of…That Day.

Later, Little Kong’s sea bloated body washes up on the Jersey shore where it was repurposed as a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon. You have to watch all through the credits to get to the good stuff.

Son of Kong