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Japanese Girls vs. Tokyo Zombies

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Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay

A meteor crashes into Tokyo Bay, the resulting stink steam fusing with unknown heavy metal compounds and Hello Kitty™ energy drinks and creates Cosmo-Amphetamine, a chemical agent that revives the dead.

Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay

Since the meteor just killed a city’s worth of people (6.5 million to be exact), Capt. Fujuka is tasked with keeping people from coming into Tokyo and zombies from leaking out. Thanks to grade-school special effects, he fences off an entire city in a few hours flat. That’s why they made him a captain.

Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay

But Fujuka is ill-intent, experimenting on survivors, using Cosmo-Amphetamine to create a squad of military zombies that squirt green liquid when split open. Someone needs to clean up this mess, but who? How about the easily-pronounced K-ko, the hot daughter of Colonel Kirihara, who is working on the problem from outside the quarantine zone?

Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay

You’d think she’d have her hands full, what with 6.5 million zombies and Fujuka screwing around. But there’s hardly any living dead encounters, and the fight scenes are so bad as to be nothing more than dance moves with chin kicks. Not a lot of gory undead gunk, either. Oh sure, a few rotters are made into sandwich bread slices, but hardly anything that satisfies a deep hunger for black gut stuff.

Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay

If you’re gonna title a movie Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay (1991) then you should have way more violent gore and ninja moves than, say, a chick flick. This felt like a snack when it needed to be all-you-can-eat.

A New Year of Horror

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Digging Up The Marrow

Every New Year I’m filled with hope, Budweiser™ and hydrogenated-oil coated popcorn over the impending porcelain overflow of horror/sci-fi movies. I’m giddy over the prospect of a whole year of laying on the couch, enriching my life with a never-ending stream of new horror movies. Beats exercising.

One of the first out of the 2015 gate is Digging Up The Marrow due February 20, 2015. This one is noteworthy for the fact that Marrow is described as a “real-life documentary style that blends reality with fantasy in a way that will leave even the most hardcore skeptic believing in the existence of monsters.”

I’m hardcore, but I’m not a skeptic. Bigfoot, UFOs, lake monsters, eskimos… All part of my mythical belief system. As for monsters, the term is too vague to hang my hat on…yet. I’ll send out a press release letting you know which side of the monster fence I stand on after February 20th. You may begin holding your breath.

Insectula Sucks – In A Good Way

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InsectulaProof that global warming isn’t all that bad: a giant space mosquito, attracted to Earth by our abundant supply of C02 in the atmosphere (Dioxidocarbon is like Chanel No. 5 to giant space mosquito), is coming here to dine at the restaurant that is you. Who among us couldn’t use some much-needed tourist dollars?

Undead Backbrain first revealed the premise of Insectula! [aka Insectula! Creature From Another World]. And even though the idea of an icky alien bug coming to your town goons you out, consider this: better space things than door-to-door religious freaks.

InsectulaLooking at the trailer, the film director has achieved a rarity – making a sci-fi indie with an impressive alien creature on a budget best served for having your car washed.

Says director Michael Peterson in the Undead Backbrain exclusive, “I’m trying to put in a balance of CGI and practical (non-CGI). I love practical effects like miniatures, cable controlled and stop motion, but to do a movie like this 100% practical isn’t realistic with my budget, so I’m trying to mix the two the best I can.”


Peterson goes on to say Insectula! is “an ode to the movies I grew up with as a child, the American International pictures, Hammer films, Dr. Phibes, ’50s B-movies and of course the nuclear monster movies.”

InsectulaInsectula! Cool title. I should like to have a starring role in this movie, and if I can’t save the world from the space bug with my hero-like muscles, then I should wish to be the first victim, screaming like a school girl with a skinned knee as the alien mosquito sucks the goo from my brain pan. (Note to space creature – hope you aren’t allergic to Budweiser™).