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Poseidon Rex

Even as much as creature DNA swapping horror movies suck (Sharktopus/2010 instantly comes to mind), these mega cheesy quickies with digital monsters so lame they couldn’t cut it in video games from 1990 somehow manage to become guilty pleasures all the same. (Thank you, beer, for making me even more easily entertained.)

Poseidon Rex

Take the latest God cocktail: Poseidon Rex (2013), or “P-Rex,” which makes an aquatic hybrid out of a presumed extinct tyrannosaurus rex. Awaken the monster via a limp plot about divers searching for lost treasure, cut him loose on some vacationing bikinis and you’ve got yourself another SyFy Channel™ floater.


A creature like Poseidon Rex, though, is nothing new. In fact, a land/sea multi-tasking beastie named Titanosaurus has been around since 1975, making his big scream debut in Terror of MechaGodzilla. Titanosaurus can breathe under and on top of the water, has a roar that sounds like a trumpet firmly submerged in your Mariana Trench, and has been known to kick Godzilla in the nadzillas.

Poseidon Rex

Titanosaurus has been around nearly 40 years. Let’s see how long Poseidon Rex can hold his breath. In the meantime, don’t hold yours.