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Space Cowboy

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Io is the third moon of Saturn. I could’ve sworn it was the fourth. Io is the home of a mining colony whose employees are all drug addicts. As above, so below. Hooked on a super-amphetamine, it’s no problem to work overtime. And hey, if you feel like going for a space walk without your helmet, that’s your business. Clearly, the drug is harmful in that it makes you want to harm yourself.


Enter Sean Connery as a Federal District Marshall. But the leaders of the drug ring don’t want The Law messing with their profit margin, so they conspire to kill him using Union thugs. Yep, this is pretty much High Noon (1952) in space.


The first half of Outland (1981) is painfully slow, with Connery running around impressive industrial sets and arching his eyebrow. When the assassins come gunning for him, no one is wearing a cowboy helmet or space hat.

Even with drugs, the future is boring.