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School Horror Has No Class

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School's Out

Hard to believe Fangoria, America’s premiere horror magazine (to which I have EVERY issue), put their stamp of “presents” approval on School’s Out (1999), a steaming pile of crappily-dubbed crap.

School's OutAn escaped lunatic from a mental prison is on the loose. (Hey, now there’s a clever plot!) His timing couldn’t be any better — there’s a high school graduation party going on just down the road, full of irritating teens just begging to be butchered for being irritating teens.

School's Out

The killer dresses up like a garage sale harlequin, wears a red full face mask and brandishes extra-long scissors. The rest of this waste of valuable couch time is so predictable, you can almost call out the lines before they’re uttered. The surprise at the ending is how this crap was ever financed. School’s Out, indeed.