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Bigfoot on Zillow™

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Willow Creek

Willow Creek is the title of a new Bigfoot movie, filmed found-footage style by famed comedian Bobcat Goldthwait. Before I go into that, there’s something you should know that will freak you out: Willow Creek is a real place in Northern California and sits along the Trinity River. Residents of this small mountain town are commonly referred to as “Willow Creekers.” It is the Bigfoot capital of the world, and holds an annual festival in honor of the creature.

There is an entire town that celebrates Bigfoot and I didn’t know about it? I’m looking up Willow Creek on Zillow™ and seeing how much it’ll cost me to live there.

Willow Creek

In Bobcat’s movie, a guy and his girlfriend, moving picture camera in hand, go to Willow Creek to “retrace the steps of Bigfoot researchers Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, who, in 1967, recorded the most famous film of the legendary monster.” I need to interject – this may be a case of artistic license, but the Patterson footage of a REAL Bigfoot was shot in Bluff Creek, CA, a tributary northwest of the Klamath River between Willow Creek and Happy Camp, CA. They don’t have a whole lot of affordable apartments in Bluff Creek. I checked.

Willow Creek

While in Willow Creek, this guy and his girlfriend (I’ll call her “Kelly” because that’s the movie name they give her) interview locals who range from skeptic to believer and from manic to completely menacing. Some of the stories they hear are of chance encounters with a gentle creature, while others are tales of mysterious eviscerations. ( Note: “Eviscerate” means to remove the entrails of; disembowel. It is also a favored term used by Hellraiser’s Cenobites.)

The press release goes on to tell us that this guy and Kelly “head deep into the forest to set up camp. The events that follow will make them wish they had simply spent the night at the Bigfoot Motel.”

Willow Creek

There’s a Bigfoot Motel? Why on Earth would anyone keep that from me? I’m about ready to throw pine cones in all directions I’m so mad. I suppose next I’ll find out there’s a Bigfoot restaurant, bar and souvenir shop. If that’s the case, I’m gonna eviscerate my travel agent for not bringing this to my attention.

Look for Willow Creek in small town, motel, restaurant, bar and/or souvenir store near you.

P.S. There’s a town called Happy Camp in California? Why the hell did anyone not tell me?