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Artificial Werewolves

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Dark Moon Rising

Always up for a new werewolf movie, but after watching the trailer for the poorly titled Dark Moon Rising (releasing August 4, 2015), I have some reservations. First, the plot…

“A group of shape-shifting werewolves descend upon a small town in search of a girl who is re-born once every 2,000 years. She holds the key to their survival, and all will die who stand in their way.”

Seems reasonable enough. But digital werewolves are not my flea bag. Something about artificial hair and fangs just ain’t cool, man. Even though they self-proclaim Dark Moon Rising as “An American Werewolf in London takes a bite out of Near Dark in this bloody, unique take on The Wolfman legend,” computer generated monsters are suck-o.

Dark Moon Rising

P.S. There was another werewolf movie called Dark Moon Rising that came out in 2009. You’d think the filmmakers of the 2015 version would’ve done a bit of homework. But hey, Hollywood – birthplace of the copy machine.

Dreadtime Stories

The upcoming Dreadtime Stories anthology shows more promise, and even sports a werewolf in one of its 10 (!) stories. I watched the trailer; Now that’s some quality fur and fang action. Here’s an overview…

“A party turns bizarre when a malevolent book makes its way into the hands of the attendees who reveal its tales of monsters, madmen and the supernatural…”

Dreatime Stories

Dreadtime Stories features more than 50 cast members, the bulk of which we can only hope will suffer painful and splattery fates for our entertainment. But we’re gonna have to wait a bit to experience the mayhem as Dreadtime Stories isn’t slated to come out until early 2016.

That sucks. Heck, by then I could be converted into a religious nutcase, renounce all my horror movie ways and quit drinking refreshing adult beverages. Just kidding. Not gonna happen. If it did, that would be the scariest horror story of all time.

Big Hair Horror

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Exte: Hair Extensions

You know that shudder you get when you find a hair in your Jell-O™? OK, multiply that by one hundred million and you get Exte: Hair Extensions (2006), a freakishly odd Asian horror movie about possessed hair.

Exte: Hair Extensions

A female corpse shows up in a huge freight container packed full of black hair. She has surgical scars and, besides missing her own hair, is also coming up short of inner organs. This is another in a string of unsolved murders in which numerous young girls have been killed alive for their inner workings.

Exte: Hair Extensions

But what the cops can’t figure out is why each has no hair. The coroner might be able to tell you, but he’s too busy indulging in his hair fetish, and has a new toy with the stolen corpse as her hair keeps growing and growing. And not just out of her head. Eyes, nostrils, fingernails… Am I forgetting any other orifices? Hair pours out of these portals.

Exte: Hair Extensions

This gives him enough to trim and sell to the local salons, who pay good money for human hair to use as wigs and extensions. One of the salon gals gets the new tresses and the hair goes evil on her, sprouting like black spaghetti gone wild. The coroner, waist deep, literally backstrokes in all the hair his corpse keeps growing – and he’s getting happier and weirder by the minute.

Exte: Hair Extensions

The corpse wants revenge and her hair back. The cops want to arrest somebody. All these elements come together in one of the hairiest scenes filmed. And the coroner? Let’s just say he’s about to have a really bad hair day and wig out. Heh.