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Gnaw: Food of the Gods Part 2

Food of the Gods II (1989) is also known as Gnaw: Food of the Gods II: Part 2. I like that title better. Has more…flavor.

Gnaw: Food of the Gods: Part 2

Bobby, a young boy, is given a growth serum by Dr. Kate Travis who works at a university with a promising basketball team. Now NBA height, Bobby also becomes aggressive and uses language unbecoming of a large lad.

Gnaw: Food of the Gods: Part 2

Well dang it to heck — maybe the serum was freshness-expired. They test it on rats to be sure. Yep — serum works fine, as the lab rats, now growing to the size of lab desks, bust up the place and escape into the sewer or “utility” tunnels that run beneath the campus.

Gnaw: Food fo the Gods: Part 2

The giant rats kill several people, which is what they’re supposed to do. While Kate is working on an antidote, the rats crash the swimming competition at the University’s new sports complex. This, as it turns out, is the movie’s best scene. Watch blue pool water turn yellow by the screaming swimmers.

Gnaw: Food of the Gods: Part 2

The rats are eventually dealt with, but where’s Big Bobby been the whole time? Why, getting bigger, of course. So, like, where’s Food of the Gods III: Bobby’s Revenge?