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Late Werewolf

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Late Phases

Late Phases (2014) is a new werewolf movie that had its premier on March 9, 2014 at SXSW. I was not there; The invite must’ve gotten lost in the mail. But has this movie seen the light of day since? Not that I’m aware of. And I check these things more than I check the mail.

Anyhow, Late Phases goes a little something like this…

“Ambrose (Nick Damici) is a blind Vietnam War veteran that moves into a retirement community with his seeing eye dog upon the prompting of his son Will (Ethan Embry). He’s shocked when he narrowly survives an attack by what he believes to be a werewolf.”

Late Phases

“The community has been the focus of several brutal dog attacks that have killed several residents, but Ambrose now believes that it is werewolves and not dogs that have been doing the slaughtering. Now Ambrose is preparing himself for the next full moon, when he will make his strike against his lupine would-be aggressors.”

Late Phases

Would-be aggressors. Never heard a werewolf summed up like that. Aren’t all werewolves aggressive by design? I seriously doubt that the werewolf is gonna be all neighborly and help the vision-impaired Ambrose across the street. Not without chewing on the bone in his neck first.

Still, Late Phases sounds interesting. I just wish someone would send me a card or letter telling me when it’s gonna come out.