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Danish Aliens

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Encounters (2015) is a just-released in Denmark (available on VOD) found footage sci-fi flick. What makes it stand out from all the other “everybody is doing it” found footage flicks? Pretty much nothing. Shaky camera, screaming, annoying characters, crazy running, requisite night vision, camera batteries that just won’t die as easily as the annoying characters… You think all they did was download the cookie cutter plot, turn on the GoPro™, and start emoting with a runny nose.

Yes and no. While the filming technique is as played as this blog, there’s something more to Encounters than just another found footage knock-off. First, the plot…


“The four young filmmakers know the stories, they’ve seen the movies and they joke about it as they travel into the Swedish woods to shoot yet another low-budget horror movie.”

“But though they make fun of horror clichés, there’s nothing to laugh about when the group gets lost and one of the actors disappears only to return hours later, naked and in a catatonic state. As much as they try to figure out what’s going on, none of them have the faintest idea of what they’re about to experience, or how to explain what’s been captured on tape.”


If you can get past the budgetary limitations (Encounters cost $2.79 – about as much as a wienerbrød with a side of ketchup) and inevitable screaming/bleeding/dying, there’s some impressive UFO effects, decent pacing, and nice ramp ups to the instances of screaming/bleeding/dying.

Look for a worldwide release shortly. While you’re waiting, watch Encounter (2015), YET ANOTHER found footage sci-fi flick with almost the same name/premise/budget.


Pant-less Alien

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When was the last time you were abducted by aliens? For me, it’s often, In fact, they’re running a bit late today. Wish they’d at least text me so I’m not just sitting around waiting.

Not sure if people get abducted in the upcoming alien invasion movie Encounter (due 2015). But a flying saucer (or “UFO”) crashes into a rural lake and an extraterrestrial with backward bent legs (think space grasshopper) comes out making noises like an empty stomach. And get this…he’s not wearing pants! (Maybe it’s on Spring Break.)


Anyway, here’s what they have plotted: “In a quiet community outside of Washington, DC, a pair of tech-savvy roommates discover a hidden signal within our nations data and security systems. As the pair try to locate the source, strange happenings begin to occur throughout the neighborhood and the unsuspecting citizens discover something is stalking them.”

“As the truth of the unknown is revealed, they find themselves face to face with a chilling encounter.”

Ugh. Whoever wrote the promo copy needs to be probed by an English teacher.