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The Devil Takes Art Lessons

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Art of the Devil

You should know this about the Art of the Devil series: there’s gonna be gore (the hard stuff, not the torture-porn lite crap) and a steady stream of characters whose complex relationships call for gore.

Art of the Devil 2

Since I lost track 10 minutes in, I think ADIII (2008) has something to do with a someone having an affair with someone they’re not married to, a three-eyed demon who gets inside of someone, a bit of poisoning, a smidge of soul transference, organic black voodoo rituals that really needed to be followed by the recipe, and painful revenge/retribution. I think I covered most of the bases, even though I can’t speak a lick of Taiwanese. Did I even spell that correctly?

Art of the Devil 3

All of this is set in some jungle-y woods where people live in huts of elephant dung. (That word I can translate – it means doo doo and/or crap. Seriously.) Even with these constructive elements in place, ADIII gets mired in story dung and, outside of a few splatterific moments, sinks under its own plodding plotness. Unfortunate, as the three-eyed demon might’ve gotten nominated as Best Supporting Actress in a Dramatic Role.