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Wrecker: Tab-Expired Horror

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It’s always painful to see Hollywood to run so dry of ideas that they shell out good pocket coupons to produce cheap/cheesy horror like Wrecker (releasing November 6, 2015): “Best friends Emily and Lesley go on a road trip to the desert. When Emily decides to get off the highway and take a ‘short cut,’ they become the target of a relentless and psychotic trucker who forces them to play a deadly game of cat and mouse.”


Not only is Wrecker NOT an original idea with a crappy title, who would pay to see a movie what you can see on a freeway any day of the week?

Duel / The Car

Wrecker’s plot is a direct lift from Stephen Spielberg’s Duel (1971), in which McCloud (or “Dennis Weaver”) is relentlessly pursued across dirty desert back roads by a 18-wheeler driven by a malevolent invisible trucker.

This was mimicked by Elliot Silverstein’s The Car in 1977, in which Amityville Horror’s James Brolin goes up against a possessed black car that “vroom-thump-thumps” anyone brave enough to use a crosswalk in Utah.

Christine / Maximum Overdrive

And picking up the pieces and running with that, who could forget Christine, the 1983 Stephen King horror movie that featured a “body by Chrysler, soul by Satan” ’58 Plymouth Fury that could return to showroom condition after being engulfed in flames and making griddle cakes out of thugs.

Then came Maximum Overdrive (another Stephen King adapted movie) in 1986 that not only turns a huge truck (with Spider-Man’s bestie the Green Goblin’s face on the front grill) into a “devastation wagon,” but anything mechanical that held a grudge against their human slave masters. (Can opener: “Take that, you opposable digit oppressors!”)

Road Train / Blood Car

Let us not forget the Australian Road Train (aka, Road Kill), which came out in 2010. In that one the monster truck is a rolling grindhouse, running on the goop left over after it throws you in the back and food processes you into energy-efficient goop. (They got this idea from 2007’s really funny dark horror comedy, Blood Car.)

Super Hybrid

While we’re on the subject of all things vehicular homicidal, there’s the “destined for the junk yard” Super Hybrid (2010) that had a souped up Prius™-y type hybrid not yielding to the right of way of pedestrians.

Want more? There’s plenty out there – especially on the freeway.

Keep On Death Truckin’

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Road Train

Road Train (2010, aka, Road Kill, which has a little more zing to it) opens with an extended naked sex scene. I can’t remember the rest of the movie and…um…

Oh, yeah, it’s about a massive Road Train cargo truck barrelling through Australian’s desolate Outback, causing a SUV filled with two young (and hot) gals and their boyfriends to crash-go-boom-flip. With that kind of relationship configuration, there’s always gonna be emo-drama, but it figures in to the rest of the movie. I think.

Road Train

One guy has a compound fracture to his body, the other passengers get out of the wreck nearly fracture-free. No winning Lotto™ ticket for that guy. The youths are hundreds of miles in the middle of nowhere and are now in deep didgeridoo. But hey, the death truck is stopped down the road. Stomping over there to give that vehicle a piece of their mind not damaged in the crash, they discover the darn thing is empty and the keys still in the ignition. The young emo-ites steal the rig and off they go.

Several hours later they discover they went way off the main road and are now royally f’d, as the truck won’t start. It’s not out of gas (never had any), but out of human bodies/blood, which is its fuel. (50 miles per human gallon.)

Road Train

Everyone gets in arguments, things were said, feeling were hurt. Then the truck owner shows up outta nowhere with a gun and makes pow pow in their direction. All the while, each is becoming possessed by the demonic influence of the Road Train, which has a kick ass Cerebus (three-headed demon dog) hood ornament.

Good moments: the opening sex scene, one guy getting his head squashed under one of 30 truck tires, a wood chipper type machine in the back designed for processing bodies into fuel. Not good moments: long stretches of none of the above happening.

Road Train

Still, a possessed truck. You’d have to go all the way back to 1971 for Duel, and its tanker truck-pursues-driver action for more of the same. That, or Mad Max (1979). That, or any commuter day on the freeway.