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Addicted To Horror

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The House on the Frontier

Very frustrating to have horror movie ad materials smeared all over the Internet and not actually have a movie to back it up. Such is the situation with The House on the Frontier, in pre-production as of this e-barfing.

Worse still is the movie’s description is about as dazzling as a burned out light bulb: “There’s a house where the world of the living ends…and it’s waiting for the next visitors.” We can only hope the movie isn’t as generic as the ad line.

One Drop

Like a freshly opened can of Molson™, the crowdfunded One Drop (pending 2015), a rather polished indie horror film from Canada, shows more promise: “A drug addict single mother overdoses. She wakes up in a medical facility to find that everyone is dead and she’s nine months pregnant.”

Yep, it only takes one drop to accomplish all of the above.


Speaking of drugs, in the horribly titled Deimosimine (2016) is in reference to a substance a girl gets hooked on. To wit: “Cindy is a twenty-something girl who has had a rough life. She believes that her wealthy mother killed her father and got away with it. After years of running from this horrible past, she turns to heroin to cope with her painful memories. Embarrassed by her daughter’s addiction, her mother seeks out a doctor who has created a cure for all addictions…a drug that induces fear within the addict, a fear so frightening and real that, theoretically, the patient will not want to go back to those dark places and thus stop using.”

“Cindy becomes addicted to this drug (Deimosimine), and starts to believe she is hunting down demons, monsters, and aberrations, but in reality is slaughtering humans, becoming a mass murderer. As she ups her dosage, the drug begins to alter the chemical balance in her brain and she begins to become enveloped into this dark other world without the heroin.”

Deimosimine hasn’t even begun filming and they’ve released teaser art and plot? At least they have time to fix both.