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Coach Class Werewolf

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Is it just my fertile imagination or are there more movies being made about werewolves as of late? Besides the fact werewolves – or “wolf men” – are gooning out my neighborhood and digging through trash cans for human entrails (next block over, you hairy dumbf*cks), it seems I wake every morning at noon to find YET ANOTHER werewolf movie is about to go to market.

Is this a bad thing? I say HECK NO! Werewolves are all purpose apex predators and don’t wear Hot Topic™ clothes and act all depressed and Goth-y like vampires do. Nor do werewolves drop out of the sky in tornadoes. Nope, just good old fashion die/kill/bleed. Or the reverse of that. See how versatile werewolves are?


So there’s this new werewolf move called Howl (release date pending 2015), not to be confused with that 2010 James Franco movie of the same name where he plays professional hippie Allen Ginsberg who yaps about his life and art. Nor is Howl to be associated with all those wretched The Howling sequels. (The original one in 1981 was pretty cool, though).

The Howling

Nope, this Howl has a werewolf or two, a train and human entrails not yet committed to recycling. Here’s the plot…

“Joe, a young ticket collector, is riding the last train out of London on a dark and stormy night along with a meager bunch of passengers. When the train brakes violently and comes to a sudden halt deep in the middle of a forest, it seems they have hit something on the line. But when the driver ventures out to investigate, he never returns, leaving the passengers in a state of panic – particularly when Joe sees the driver’s mutilated body outside the carriage.”


“Realizing there’s something dangerous lurking in the forest, Joe tells the passengers to make barricades to secure themselves in the carriage, but soon the deadly creature is stalking the besieged train and smashing through their defenses, picking them off one-by-one. Joe rallies his “pack” of passengers to fight back. During a vicious battle they manage to kill the creature, revealing it to be a hideous mutated fusion of human and wild animal – a werewolf. However, celebrations are cut short when they hear more howls coming from the forest…”

Dog Soldiers

Howl stars Sean Pertwee, who appeared in the superior werewolf movie Dog Soldiers in 2002. He has experience dealing with these ferocious flea bags and is a good choice to have on board. And the train probably has a bar on it. Werewolves, trains and cocktails. I smell a sequel coming on.

Silver Werewolf

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Silverhide (2015). Cool name for a werewolf movie. Still waiting for someone to make one called Lycanchomp. That’d be sweet if they did. Kinda ironic, though; a werewolf can be taken down by silver. Still, sounds cooler than Aluminumhide.

Silverhide (formerly title Pounce, but thankfully someone came to their senses and changed it) releases on DVD in the UK on April 6, 2015. I’ll probably wait for it to come to the States as I’d rather spend my travel money on cold refreshing alcohol.


So here’s the to do about this Brit made flick: “A group of conspiracy theorists are secretly watching a Top Secret military base in the desolate Welsh mountains. They’re looking for experimental and highly classified test aircraft to report about in a magazine when they suddenly discover a top secret and highly lethal creature (secretly discovered in the 1920s), which the military and Government are testing who’s fur has the ability to turn invisible in moon light.”


“The film follows their plight as they are hunted both by the creature (which the Army has nick named “The Silverhide” and the military who will stop at nothing to keep their classified specimen a secret…”


I still drunkenly maintain that Dog Soldiers (2002) set the bar quite high for werewolves/Army guys. Wonder why they never made a sequel? If they ever do, I hear the title Lycanchomp is still available. Heh.