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Bigfoot: The Movie

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Bigfoot: The Movie

Bigfoot: The Movie (2015) is the latest in a l-o-n-g line of Bigfoot films that, for whatever reason, never seem to run out of mythological gas. And it’s not hard to understand why. Bigfoot is real and is seen tromping all over any place where you’re knee deep in pine cones. Whereas sharks, leading the pack of go-to monster movies these days, are only seen in nature documentaries and anyone falling off a surfboard. So yeah, Bigfoot still rules the box office.

Bigfoot: The Movie

Bigfoot: The Movie, due out on  DVD, Blu-ray™ and digital download on May 29th, 2015, is a horror comedy and goes a little like this: “Bigfoot has come to the town of Ellwood City, PA and is causing BIG problems. Now it’s up to three town locals to take him down.”

Taking Bigfoot down is like trying to out-swim a Great White shark after your surfboard floats away. But hey, they have my rental dollar. Nothing says “value for your money” than Bigfoot taking on a bunch of dumbass rednecks.

The Horror of Housekeeping

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I’ve been a fan of After Dark Originals since 2006 and the release of the 8 Films To Die For: After Dark Horrorfest. ADO’s movies were/are smarter than the craptacular stuff that often clogs my DVD player and more often than not, powerful films (Wicked Little Things/2006, Lake Mungo/2008, Dread/2009) that stuck to your brain long after dark. Heh.


Housekeeping, the latest After Dark Original, lands in your DVD player/brain on March 31, 2015. Despite the less-than-enticing title (and the fact the cover art mirrors Sinister/2012) and the bland synopsis, I put my horror trust in AD as they’ve never let me down. So here’s what they’re pitching…

Housekeeping follows Lucy, a medical student who takes a housekeeping job in order to make some quick cash. The almost-too-convenient new job soon takes a turn for the worse as Lucy’s haunting past emerges and she begins to lose her grip on reality.”

Ugh – they really need to get a better copywriter. That sounds like something I’d write. But no gooning out; ADO has a great horror track record. Unlike me and my horror clogged brain/DVD player.