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Ghost Strippers

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The Sexy Sixth Sense

A panty-less parody of The Sixth Sense (1999), the bawdy goof The Sexy 6th Sense (2001) opens with the line, “I see dead strippers…” And see ’em the lonely nerd boy who sleeps with naked mannequins does.

The biggest surprise is seeing normally panty-less Darian Caine wearing clothes. In all the countless flicks she’s been in, this is the first time she wears something other than a smile.

Darian Caine

But not for long, of course, as she and a host of other bountiful and buff babes drop top (and bottom) for several bouts of “lick the plate clean.” Ahem. As with all these types of films, plan on getting treated for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.