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Hollow Horror

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The Hollow One

This has got to be embarrassing for one or more people: two horror movies coming out at the same time with the same name. It’s like throwing a party for yourself and everybody shows up dressed exactly like you. (That’s one of my all-time worst nightmares.)

So in one corner we have the crowd funded The Hollow Ones and in the other corner the not crowd funded The Hollow One. (And to muddle matters, there’s a group of disassociated people who refer to themselves as “The Hollow Ones.” I bet they’re Goth idiots.)

The Hollow Ones

The Hollow One: “While searching for her missing father, an emotionally damaged woman confronts her tragic past and a shadowy figure with sinister intentions.”

Yeesh – who writes the press release copy for these things? The janitor?

The Hollow Ones: “The Hollow Ones is a horror thriller film about evil fairies, based on the 15th Century folklore of Changelings.”

Fairies are about the size of pork-fed butterflies and are easily squishable.

I feel more sorry for The Hollow One; Now they can’t use The Hollow Ones as a sequel name like they did with Alien/Aliens. Life sucks. Just ask “The Hollow Ones” wandering around the mall all dressed in Hot Topic™ on sale black.

Let’s Do The Time Warp

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The Butterfly Effect

Evan Treborn, college student and time traveler, has just turned his life into a poop sandwich. As a young boy, some heavy trauma f’d him up good. Blocking it out as a teenager only makes him spontaneously black out.

The Butterfly Effect

Now, as he reads back over his journal (the man version of a diary), he’s able to transport himself back to those moments in time, where his future self, knowing the consequences of his former actions, sets out to do right. But every time he does, it changes the outcome of his current place in time. Just the sheer implications of this head rush is causing train-wreck damage to his already factory-second brain. His nose bleeds a lot, too. Ick.

The Butterfly Effect

In one of these time excursions, he dumps his past girlfriend in order to save her life in the here and now. Every time he does this, it screws something else up. I guess Eric should’ve taken that class on the Chaos Theory, of which I’m an expert, despite the fact my nose doesn’t bleed until punched.

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect (2004) is a cool idea for a movie and even somewhat believable, given how the there are no dork ass special effects and a coherent, intelligent script. Didn’t see any butterflies, though. Butterflies are kinda neat.