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My Dad Wears A Cape. Mom, Too.

Posted in Asian Sci-Fi with tags on December 20, 2010 by Drinkin' & Drive-in

Mr. & Mrs. IncredibleTough to be a superhero in ancient China. Besides having to keep kicking some ninja’s ass or lifting a drunk Sumo wrestler out of the gutter, you still have day-to-day crap to worry about like the rest of us: bills, taxes, not being able to fit in your costume because you’ve been eating too much deep fried duck…

Mr. & Mrs. IncredibleGazer Captain (or Gazer Warrior – not sure which one I like better) and his wife Red are married superheroes called Mr. & Mrs. Incredible. They wear less-than-incredible crime-fighting garb, are trying to raise a family, and live a normal life.

For the most part, things are about what you’d expect for retired superheroes. That is, until someone books a martial arts tournament to be held in the Incredible’s previously quaint and quiet village. Next thing you know, hundreds of kung fu masters, like stink hippies going to some crunchy groove rock festival, pour into town and all butt-kick hell breaks loose. This scenario is further complicated when someone looks to murder the champion in half.

Mr. & Mrs. IncredibleMr. & Mrs. Incredible (why does that name sounds familiar?) is a sci-fi comedy set for release on DVD in Japan in early 2011. Not sure what their specific powers are, but Red is also known as Aroma Woman. I am both frightened and intrigued as to how she got that name. At the very least, they have products that’ll fix that kind of “condition.” Gazer Captain has a cool black cape and bat-wing mask, but the facial hair needs to go. Only when clean shaven can right triumph over wrong.

Mr. & Mrs. IncredibleI used to think having superheroes for parents would be cool. But if they dress like Mr. & Mrs. Incredible, then I don’t know them.