Monster Memorabilia, Death Dad, Senior Citizen Demon

Wanna own the hockey mask Jason wore in Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)? How about Freddy Krueger’s knife-glove used in Freddy vs. Jason (2003)? Or would you like to own the Michael Myers’ mask from Halloween H2O: 20 Years Later (1998). You can buy all of this and more…if you have tens of thousands of disposable cabbage not earmarked for alcohol.

Propstore™ is launching a massive horror movie memorabilia auction where one can procure actual movie props, from a Pinhead life-cast from 1978’s Hellraiser and a Child’s Play 2 (1990) Good Guy Factory Doll to Ripley’s jumpsuit from Alien (1979) and Leatherface’s mask from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (1990).

From their press release: “Over 1,500 rare and iconic lots will be sold during Propstore’s unique Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction over four days from Thursday, November 3rd to Sunday, November 6th, 2022 from 3:00pm GMT each day. Registration is now open HERE and online proxy bids can now submitted.” P.S. They have a complete list auction items, which are expected to fetch in excess of $12.6 million. Heck, you could buy Pinhead, Jason, Freddy, and Michael themselves for that kind of wallet bling. 

So while you’re digging in a rich man’s couch for loose change to buy Freddy Krueger’s gut-sweater or Dr. Hill’s severed head prop from 1985’s Re-Animator (if you’ve seen the movie, you know where that head has been), here are a few upcoming horror movies that may or may not be auctioned off to the lowest bidder…

BLOOD RED OX / October (Theaters), November 8, 2022 (VOD, Digital, DVD

“Amir and Amat, invited on a trip into the South American Rain Forest, quickly find the pleasant visit to Bolivia taking a bizarre turn as Amat starts having strange visions and loses his mind over the ghostly presence of a giant blood-red ox. Amir must save his boyfriend from paranoia, but he quickly realizes that he can trust nothing and nobody, as he might be losing his mind too.”

Last time I went to the South American Rain Forest Tavern, I hooked up with a blood red ox. Her name was Shirley.


“Felix and Martha, the two offspring of legendary serial murderer The Skinner of Mons, grapple with the grotesque legacy bequeathed to them. While Martha works a menial janitorial job, Felix continues his father’s reign of terror. But following a brutal attack at work, Martha quickly descends into madness, finding she must come to terms with the infamous blood that flows through her veins.”

So the serial killer has kids. Kinda makes you wonder what drew their mom to him. Maybe it was his looks that kill. Heh.

THE BREACH / November 1, 2022 (VOD)

“Counting down his last days as Chief of Police in the tiny town of Lone Crow, John Hawkins must investigate one last case when a mangled body with uncanny wounds washes up on the shores of the Porcupine River.”

If your wounded, mangled body washes up on the scenic shores of Porcupine River, you don’t need a Medical Examiner to determine that the injuries were caused by a friggin’ PORCUPINE

NIGHT OF THE CAREGIVER / November 1, 2022 (VOD)

“A caregiver and a sweet, elderly woman find themselves in grave danger as something demonic dwells in their home.”

Why would demons plague an old lady’s home? Don’t demons have enough hand-knitted sweaters?

2 Responses to “Monster Memorabilia, Death Dad, Senior Citizen Demon”

  1. “A caregiver and a sweet, elderly woman find themselves in grave danger as something demonic dwells in their home.”

    Demonic? Are they sure it just wasn’t my cat?

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