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ManSplat Against Humanity

Posted in Uncategorized on July 2, 2020 by Drinkin' & Drive-in

UPDATE: JULY 22, 2021
ManSplat Against Humanity (aka, The Best of ManSplat) is on sale right now at The limited edition box sets are almost sold out. (Feelin’ lucky? Email us; we might have one or two left). But you can still get the Splat Pack: ManSplat Against Humanity – 68 pages / BW; ManSplat #43 & #44 / 20 pages / BW – not part of the ManSplat Against Humanity “best of” compilation); “Brewicidal” – limited edition Kirk Dubb Flexi-disc w/digital download, featuring ManSplat’s editor on guitars/bass), and some Splat swag

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