Musical Aliens

The Pod People

A blatant E.T.: The Extraterrestrial (1983) cash-in, The Pod People (aka, Extraterrestrial Visitors, aka, Los Nuevos Extraterrestres) with the distinctly f’d up little alien that looks like he had a clarinet shoved up his nose.

The Pod People

 In fact, the little kid who found him names him “Trumpy,” as in Trumpet, as in “your face looks like a trumpet.”

The Pod People

Unbelievably bad sci-fi played with a straight face. Rather, one that’s shaped like a cross between a band instrument and an ant-eater. 

2 Responses to “Musical Aliens”

  1. Jon from NC Says:

    MST3K did an episode with this movie! I remember watching as a kid and soiling my JNCO jeans laughing. Check it out if you find time!

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