A Big Bug With A Bigger Stinger

Tail Sting

In the weakly-titled Tail Sting (2000), science-modified scorpions get loose on a 747 jumbo jet and punish those who do not safely store their personal items in the overhead compartment.

Tail Sting

What turns this almost-workable premise into a 90-minute waste of life is that one of the scorpions is seven-feet tall (think Shaquille O’Neal with a venom-injecting barb), and it still manages to strike unseen. The insects poke their pointy tales through coach-class chests and stomachs, and no matter how many times you push the button to get a stewardess to help get the bug off you, she’s nowhere to be found.

Tail StingThe scorpions are clunky and jerky, due to the fact they are not real genetically altered bugs, but rather genetically altered clay. They put more money into designing the DVD cover art than into the special effects.

Tail StingThe actors and actresses in Tail Sting are no doubt thankful to go back to waitressing and bussing tables. I’m probably the only one who could be in this movie and not be embarrassed for life.

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