Monster Marriage

I Married A Monster

A pointless re-make of the 1958 sci-fi classic I Married a Monster from Outer Space, I Married A Monster (1998) has groaning special effects, none of the campiness of the original, and a shocking disregard of nakedity. I’m probably visibly shaken.

I Married A Monster

The night before his wedding, a beer-swilling, cigarette smoking, pool-playing guy goes out looking for his dog in the woods and discovers a gelatinous space craft that sucks him in and takes over his body. His new wife is unsuspecting, even though he no longer drinks or smokes or hangs out with the guys. (Aliens must be Republicans.) 

I Married A Monster

While her attempts at seduction are pointed (her panties are out of this world), the alien hubby can’t seem to figure out that peg B goes into slot A. Once all the other men in town are “invaded”, they go about trying to knock up local chicks to keep their race from dying out. 

I Married A Monster

No X-rated inter-galactic lovin’, no lunar booty, no space knockers. This one should be re-titled, I Rented Another Dud.

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